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Phantasy Star Portable 2 (PSP)

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Class: Role-Taking part in Platform: Sony PSP ESRB: Score Pending
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Phantasy Famous person transPortable 2 takes position three years after the events of Phantasy Star Universe, all four races defeated and sealed off the SEED. However, a new problem takes the heart stage, the tools in Gurhal are quick diminishing. As a result of this, a “Sub-space sailing theory” was once set in place, the place Gurhalians migrate to outer house. The participant will take part in a personal mercenary workforce known as “Little Wing” on Clad 6, an area colony motel.


The participant starts by designing and customizing his or her own personality by selecting facial options, gender, body and vocal options. Though much of the gameplay options will be much like its predecessor, there shall be some notable variations. Photon Factors are now not connected to weapons, but characters as a substitute. Photon Fees have also been faraway from the sport.


Gamers are able to transfer over their personality from Phantasy megaStar transPortable to the sport. Alternatively, not all data will also be carried over. Information that may be transferred over comprises the personality's identify and parts of the persona's authentic look. Alternatively, the character's stage and gadgets can’t be transferred over. As a bonus for having finished so, on the other hand, avid gamers acquire a photon saber that’s named “Examination”, in addition to one of four armor gadgets relying on the category that they have chosen. Moreover, NPCs point out at times that the participant is a former GUARDIAN


  • Ursula Laurent / Mika / Shizuru Shu / Chelsea
  • Emilia Percival : The protagonist of the story. A 16-yr-previous human girl (in a while 17) that is among the contributors of Little Wing. Has an harmless and bubbly (badly put, naive) personality, with strong tsundere dispositions. Begins off as an ordinary member, however later will get dragged into a saga that might trade her existence utterly. She does not talk about her previous and there are no records of it both. She mentions that her age is solely an estimation, she might be one or two years younger than her stated age. Her default weapon is a rod. withIn the aftermath of the battle, while telling Mika not to go, she calls her “mom”. She will get formally adopted by Kraz and Ursula in the ending, subsequently altering her title to Emilia Muehler as an alternative. withIn the True ending, Emilia along with Major Personality are heading to an unknown vacation spot, hoping to be reunited with Mika.
  • Kraz Muehler : A 34-12 months-old Beastman who is each the leader of Little Wing and Emilia's guardian. Regardless of his place, he is largely seen as an irresponsible previous man (old man as called via Emilia) who likes to read erotic magazines. He’s additionally quite dense as he threw away the present Emilia obtained for him, not realizing it was a present meant for him. Alternatively, he can show a major aspect to him when the situation calls for it. He cares for Emilia lots but he does now not convey it on his face. Once an esteemed, famed detective, however one would not understand simply via having a look at his face. He lost his family in an incident years ago. Marries Ursula in the ending. His default weapon is a pair of handguns (Twin Handguns class).
  • Yut Jun Yunkers : A 15-12 months-previous Newman boy who’s from the Kasch tribe. Emilia encountered Yut on the earth Moatoob whereas on a mission, and he attacks them (with Major Character, Tonnio and Liina) hastily. He was once defeated and Emilia determined to avoid wasting him and bring him to Little Wing's headquarters. While Yut was once unconscious, the house of the Kasch tribe was razed to the grounds through Shizuru Shu's group. Unofficially was a member of Little Wing when he awoke, after Emilia handled him to food he had never tasted earlier than (especially pudding which he gave the impression to have taken a liking to), thinking that they’re people who he can belief. Shares a sibling-like bond with Emilia. He lacks fashionable sense as a result of he lacks correct upbringing and schooling, so he tends to behave instinctively, much like a beast. It’s printed that he's a half of-Newman, half-Beast because of his dad or mum's heritage (A Beast father, and a Newman mom). He stated himself that many people said that his Newman blood gave the look to be enhanced, giving him fairly more Newman-like physical features while he has the extra physically match features of the Beast as well. His signature weapon is a spear, while he's shown using a bow within the opening film of the game.
  • Lumia Waber : The 17-yr-old younger sister of famed GUARDIAN and hero, Ethan Waber. Firstly seemed in Phantasy Big name Universe as a thirteen-yr-previous civilian who turns into a GUARDIAN-in-training all the way through the story. She now works in the GUARDIAN's Investigation Unit, and while on a mission encountered Emilia's staff. She doesn't like Emilia and vice-versa upon their first assembly, but in a while sees her as an equal and friend (extra of a rival) after they worked together to rescue the people in mentioned mission. Respects and may be very proud of her brother lots, but on the similar time, feels pressurized by way of the load of the Waber identify as a result of folks stored comparing her to Ethan. Makes a speciality of TECHNIC usage as proven right through her entrance cutscene in Phantasy Famous person transPortable 2. Her signature weapon is a rod as neatly, further displaying her meant place as Emilia's friendly rival.

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